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Monk’s Journal 6-4-08




Beyond debatable issues like sin, immorality and falsehood, What about keeping things sacred?  So often lately, I have been in circles where people have been debating the scope of what is right and wrong in the world.  People have speculated upon sexuality, alcohol/drug use and blasphemy in religious affiliation.  What I believe is most important is what kind of person you may be.  How do you treat others?  Are you truthful or full of lies?  Are you selfish or giving?  Are you humble or egotistical?  These may sound like simple questions but they have very complex answers.


So many people are busy examining the morality in other people that they do not bother to look at themselves.  Whether any of the above issues are in question the point is that all of them are insignificant if a person is not holding themselves and others sacred.   Who really should care about what anybody is doing if they are a good person?  Of course, there are those that will judge according to their interpretation of religious doctrine or their scale of moral judgment.  But in this potentially damaging scrutiny I ask, once again, are such people keeping things sacred?


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Dear Dyron.
I was recently thinking of the oft used phrase phrase “keeping it real.”
I think I may experiment with replacing the word “real” with “sacred” for a while in thought and in conversation– and suggest it to others as the opportunity permits. This for no other reason that to raise awareness of the sacred in daily life; which I agree is essential. I believe that such awareness… and honoring the sacred, would automatically, effortlessly attune the spirit.
An enviable goal for any person, group or society.

Thank you for pointing it out, Dyron.

Comment by Janine Carter

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